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Vlogging for Your Business


Vlogging for Your Business

Vlogging (video blogging) is the key to bringing your social media presence, as well as brand awareness, to the next level. With video taking up nearly 75% of internet traffic, it is essential for businesses to utilize video in their marketing strategies. Whether they be weekly or even monthly vlogs, these videos will add the flair your company needs.

Why Vlog?

Although blogs are essential and effective, there is a limit to their creative abilities. Vlogging opens the door to a load of new possibilities. Unlike text, vlogs allow companies to communicate a large amount of information in a multitude of unique, creative ways. Creative freedom is not the only perk that comes with Vlogging; here are four other striking benefits:

Vlogs are Personable & Relatable

It is essential for any successful business to create a personal connection with their customers. Videos allow an actual person to speak directly to the customer, opposed to words simply on a screen. It is easier for customers to humanize a business when they realize there is a face behind the business. Not only do vlogs give customers someone to connect to, but also a feel for your company’s personality.

Vlogs are Extremely SEO-Friendly.

Video has taken the internet by storm and its reign of influence can be seen from YouTube, to social media networks, all the way to display ads. With video content becoming increasingly popular, more and more people are searching for videos. Videos have become so popular that 62% of searches on Google contain links to video content. With Google making it apparent of its emphasis on the importance of video content, more and more videos are being placed on Google’s pages.

Videos Do Well in Google’s Organic Page Ranks

Text-based content can have a hard time placing high in Google’s organic page ranks. Video content, however, has far less competition. With less competitors in the field of Vlogging, your company has a higher chance of reaching the first page of Google, which should lead to more traffic to your company’s website. To increase your chances of ranking highly, upload your videos to YouTube. Due to YouTube being owned by Google, 8 out 10 videos presented when searching are from YouTube, opposed to other video sharing sites.

Vlogs May Increase CTR

The point to vlogs, and blogs, are to get internet users to click on your content. With video content, you have a 41% higher chance of having your video content clicked on opposed to your text content. People find videos to be far more entertaining and faster than text posts. The visual element of the thumbnail is more attention-grabbing than the title of a text post.

Tips on Getting Started with Vlogging

Now that you’re convinced video blogging works, it’s time to get started. Vlogging can seem tricky, but modern technology has made it easier for the “everyday Joe” to create his/her own video. The key is to produce engaging video content that will satisfy the needs of the customer. Here are a few simple tips, and tricks:

  • Invest in Good Equipment

    To produce high quality content, you’re going to need a few essentials. The first must is a good quality, high-definition camera. Research the best cameras out there and find which one best suits you. Another essential is lighting. If you’re filming from an office, the lighting may not always be appropriate for vlogs. Investing in either studio lighting, or a ring light, can be highly beneficial. Another important must is a microphone. You want your audience to be able to hear you clearly. A microphone ensures clear sound without any echo. Lastly, video editing software is what can make or break your videos. Static videos without any editing can be hard to follow and boring. Editing software gives you the opportunity to edit out mistakes, pauses and create a crisp, coherent vlog. Find an editing software that is easy for you to use and that’s effective.

  • Know your audience.

    Much like your brand, you want to know who your vlogs are trying to reach. This allows you to produce content that is effective and that caters to the viewer. Your targeted group is most likely the same type of people who utilize your company’s services.

  • Don’t be overly self-promotional.

    The last thing viewers want is to feel as if they are watching an ad. Your audience won’t last long if the sole reason of your vlogs is to sell your business. You want to create content that is helpful and useful for the user. Viewers should leave your vlog learning something new. Make sure the content, however, is also related to the services your business provides. This ensures that not only are you educating everyone, but also showing them your business can be the answer to their needs.

  • Upload your video content to a prominent platform.

    As previously stated, YouTube is owned by Google. This leads to YouTube videos being presented in Google’s page ranks more often than other video sharing sites. By posting your content to YouTube, you are not only posting to the leading video sharing site, but also increasing your chances of ranking highly on Google’s organic search results.

If this all seems a bit overwhelming, don’t panic. At 3D Digital, we provide video production and editing services. We have a team of skilled producers, editors and videographers who collaborate to create striking and engaging video content for website, social media and more. Learn more about our video production services or call 904-712-4004.

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