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6 Blogging Benefits

blogging benefits

6 Blogging Benefits

A company blog can be beneficial to any size company. It gives you the opportunity to build relationships outside of your customer base and helps you become a credible source with your current target market. The most beneficial reason to have a blog is that it will give you an edge over your competition as it adds a personal touch to your business.

Blogging Benefits

  • Building Relationships – A company blog can assist with building a genuine relationship with your current or potential customers.
  • Increase Search Engine Rankings – With a blog added to your website, your chances of being found on the web will be higher! Every time you write a blog post, it will be one more indexed page on your website. Start driving traffic to your website with a blog.
  • Developing a Following – A blog can assist with building a following for your brand. People are more likely to come back to your blog to read new content and to share your brand with their friends and family.
  • Social Media Presence – A blog post can also help your social media stand out amongst competitors. Every time you write a blog post be sure to share it on your social platforms and encourage your readers to share with their friends!
  • Add Value – Blogging instantly adds value. Blogging gives the writer freedom to discuss a topic that others may not be familiar in.
  • Lead Generation – Start converting the traffic that’s coming to your blog into leads! An easy way to help with conversion is by adding a lead-generating call-to-action at the end of your blog post. Lead-generating call-to-action example: Creating content can be hard! If you’re having writer’s block and need assistance creating content for your brand, then let 3D Digital help you.